What is a Click-Through-Rate (CTR)?

By March 4, 2016Definitions | Videos


What is a Click-Through-Rate (CTR)?

Lauren: CTR or Click-Through-Rate is the percentage of people who see your ad in the search engine results page and then they click on it. So, it’s literally the end result of how many people are clicking on your ad. 

The main benefits we get out of this information is when we see a low click-through-rate after a campaign has started and then we understand that maybe the ad copy wasn’t written as well or competitors are running a better promotion, then we need to modify the information so we can be more competitive in the space.

Or, maybe we select a few keywords and we think the searchers take them a certain way or think a certain way about our company or brand and then we find out that’s really not in line with what people are researching for so we need to come up with a different list of keywords.

Another benefit if we launch a campaign and we have a few keywords that have a really high Click-Through-Rates, that’s a really good measure of, we need to expand this out. We need to figure out different ways to use this information and different parts on the website or maybe their paid search campaign and this could be beneficial.