Michael Meininger

creative strategist

Local St. Louis product, Michael Meininger, has devoted his time to all things creative for nearly half his life.  Having completed thousands of works, Michael has a strong passion for design and anything advertising, with degrees in Graphic Communication & Illustration.  Free-time hobbies include the outdoors, listening to music, watching movies, GoT, The Walking Dead, cooking, MIZZOU sports, and cars.

I am a very stalwart team member and enjoy talking with clients and developing a plan of attack for your marketing and advertising initiatives.

Awards and accolades include multiple Telly awards, an Addy Award, multiple logo design winners, and recently helped Clix get named as a top 25 Designer in St. Louis by Expertise.com.


Michael’s Skill Set

  • Web Design
  • Creative Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding & Logos
  • UI & UX
  • Print Design
  • Outdoor Display
  • Illustration
  • Campaign Creation
  • Bad Witty Jokes
  • Geek Culture
  • Amazing Cook
  • Most things 90s
  • Old Grump
  • more

Memorable design starts with a thought worth remembering.

Negative Space, what negative space?

Dorkside of the moon

Favorite Type of  Work? branding, logos, anything creative, UX & UI, & campaign ideas

Favorite Websites? smashingmagazine.com, mashable.com, webdesignledger.com, reddit, line25.com, jalopnik.com, break.com, www.throwingtwenties.com

Favorite Movies? High Fidelity, 500 Days of Summer, Seven Samurai, The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters, True Romance, the Harry Potter series, Documentaries, Conan the Barbarian, Evil Dead trilogy

Hobbies? The Outdoors, Listening to music, Cooking, Cars, DnD, Being with loved ones, Anything by Joe Abercrombie, GoT, The Walking Dead, The Expanse, and more geeky things

Favorite Quote? “Creativity is intelligence having fun” ~ Albert Einstein

Interesting Facts: I know of at least 5 or more people that have one of my logo designs tattooed on them. I also run an up and coming DnD based blog that had over 12,000 views last year.