FAQ: Digital Marketing Campaign Cost

By December 7, 2016General Clix-Bits | Videos


Digital Marketing Campaign Cost

Jonny: So when meeting with potential clients they often ask, “Well what is this going to cost me?” …and we here at Clix obviously, we don’t look at this as a cost, we look at this as a long-term investment in the business and success of the business.

And so how we determine what that budget turns out to be is based on a multitude of factors. It’s based on the current state of the website, the health of the website, competition, geographical areas, proximity, backlinks. 

There’s just a plethora of variables that go into how we determine the investment needed for us to impact that business digitally regarding their visibility online.

So we have clients here at Clix that range from five hundred dollars a month all the way up to 20,000 plus per month. But we will obviously make sure that whatever budget we do have we maximize those efforts.