Digital Strategy at Clix

By January 9, 2017General Clix-Bits | Videos


Digital Strategy at Clix

Ryan: The Clix team is comprised of several different roles. You have Account Managers, you have PPC Managers, website design and development, Technicians, and my personal role is a Digital Strategist.

A question that we’ll get asked is, “What exactly is it that you do as a digital strategist? Do you get paid to think?” ….and the answer to that is “Kinda, yeah.”

My job is basically to ensure that the technical elements on the backend of your website are cohesively designed to work in tandem with the user experience.

So what I do is I audit your website to make sure that the user engagement is exactly what it needs to be in order to aid in the conversion of a lead that lands on your website.

Are there pages on your navigation or in your menu that are there that shouldn’t be there? Are we featuring the right content? Are your calls to actions or your “CTAs,” your buttons on your website placed in the proper place? Are they the right color?

Is the brand of your website and the colors and the design and the fluidity and the behavior flow of your website optimized to a sense that it’s easy for the user to use and that it’s answering the questions that they need answered?

My job as a strategist is to ensure that all of those elements are in place and to build out a campaign for you. To bridge the gap between the technical elements and what Google needs to see to consider you as a resource and the behavior flow and what the user needs to see you as a resource.