What is a Goal in Google Analytics?

By March 4, 2016Definitions | Videos


What is a Goal in Google Analytics?

Ryan S.: A Google Analytics goal is essentially anything that can be measurable on your site. Something that you want to track moving into the future. To actually find these goals within Google Analytics, you would look in your conversion section under the overview.

And then, you can look forward, back-in-time, and identify trends that would allow you and give you key insights into a possible A/B tests you can run or just optimizations as a whole on your site that would improve your site in the future.

One example of something that would trigger a goal could be something as simple as a page view or form submission. Say you arrived on a page that was telling you about an Ebook that could download, that page view could be a goal, submitting that form to receive that Ebook could also be another goal.