Industry Update: Google Mobile Pop-Ups

By January 18, 2017Industry Updates | Videos



Google Update: Mobile Pop-Ups

Kelsy: Hi, I’m Kelsy and today I wanted to inform you of an update that Google confirmed January 10th, 2017 related to your mobile device.

As a digital marketing technician here at Clix,any time that Google rolls out a change within their system, we have to fully understand it in order to implement it with our client’s websites.

This update will impact content on mobile devices that is difficult and not easy to read for users.

Imagine you’re trying to order a cheese pizza and you search for “pizza company St. Louis.” You get to the website and the first thing that you see is a pop-up that tries to get you to subscribe to their email list.

This hinders the original content that you were looking for which was to order a pizza.

Rather than the pizza company forcing you to subscribe right away, this should be an option, somewhere else on the website.

This is why Google is rolling out this update to try to provide a better overall experience when people are using their search engine.

Although addressing these pop-ups if you still have them on your site would definitely be a priority, if you have good, relevant content you may still be ranking high.

As always, Clix will monitor this situation closely and implement change where need be. If you found this video helpful, feel free to like or subscribe today.

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