How to Increase Your Following on Social Media

By February 15, 2017General Clix-Bits | Videos


How to Increase Your Following on Social Media

Blake: Hi, my name is Blake and I am the Social Media Manager here at Clix. Having over eight years experience in social media, today I want to talk to you about three very important key elements that will benefit your marketing campaign. Number one, customer engagement. Number two, the Holy Trinity. Number three, creativity.

Starting with number one, when creating a marketing campaign, you want to keep in my mind what’s going to engage your customer base.

This causes interaction between you (the business owner) and your future customers and because you can interact with them, it kind of builds more validity in your business, which is priceless basically.

So if a customer has a question for you, you can answer that on any one of your social media platforms instantaneously. As opposed to a phone call that might be dropped or your line might be busy at the office. This gives you another opportunity to interact with your customer base.

Number two, I am very excited to talk to you today about the Holy Trinity, which is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My fingers don’t bend that much. These are not only free platforms, but they mainly consist of the most searched social media platforms that are out there.

Facebook is great to portray what your company does. You are able to send out promotions. You can send out information pertaining to your hours of business and you can also engage a lot easier on Facebook than you can on Twitter or on Instagram.

I also suggest using Facebook to do boosted advertising. To really pinpoint and target your demographic and spend those dollars, where it would benefit your company as far as your ROI. My suggestion to you is to post twice a week on Facebook.

The second platform would be Twitter. This is more of a one-way conversation. So as the business, if you have to close for one day, it’s an ability for you to blast that information out. Just note that to interact and to engage with a customer base is a little bit more difficult on Twitter then it is on Facebook.

Number three, Instagram. Instagram, I said three. Instagram is a platform that mainly consists of using photos to portray your business. My suggestion to you is, to use filters to make your photos look as great as possible. Especially if you are in an industry such as a veterinarian taking photos of her animals. If you’re in construction, take a picture of your roof.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re not in that particular industry not to use Instagram. You certainly want toAnd what’s great about Instagram? it allows you to use hashtags and hashtags allow you to connect with a bigger audience out there.

An example, today I went on and found a GIF of Lady GaGa jumping off the roof as you might have seen in the half time show. I used one of our roofing contractors for this little endeavor. I basically stated, “Hey, go ahead and hire us because we want to repair your roof, making sure it’s stable, to handle wind, rain, hail and who knows if Lady Gaga stops by your house and jumps off the roof.Using the hashtag #sb51, which stands for Super Bowl 51, we were able to increase that post’s visibility 25%.

What we just discussed in Instagram leads me to my last point which is, be creative. People want to see something funny, engaging, and current. When you utilize those three aspects, the engagement level definitely goes up on all of your social media posts.

Recently, one of Clix’s most creative things they’ve done was Elf on the Shelf. We utilized Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to showcase our Elf doing shenanigans throughout the building.

We got tons of engagement, likes, shares. We even got engagement from the Elf on the Shelf company. People want to engage. You just have to have the right material for them to interact with.

It’s important to use creative content. People are off scrolling all day long. You want to pop out, you want to stand out amongst the competition out there and the jumble and the mess of what makes up a news feed. So creative content is key.

Use videos. Use flashy photos, bright colors, use the least amount of text as possible. No one wants to read a novel in your status update.

To wrap it up, we have engagement, we have the Holy Trinity (which is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and we also have being creative. Go ahead and give these a shot. Let me know how they work out for your business. I am very interested to see the outcome. Thanks so much.