Jason Hylan

CEO & Fearless Leader

Jason is the President & Founder of The Clix Group.

I’ve been a national speaker and blogger on Search Engine Optimization, social media, Pay-per-click advertising (search engine marketing), video and mobile marketing for over 22 years.

I built my first website using Adobe Pagemill in 1995.

Here at Clix, I’m fortunate to lead a highly experienced and talented team comprised of some of the best strategists, gifted designers, writers, and business consultants in the Midwest.

On a personal note, I’m a proud husband and father. I consider myself the luckiest man to have such a wonderful family. I strive to be the best for them every day.

I’m passionate about two sports teams, both of which have built successful, rich heritages, and as organizations strive for nothing short of excellence: the Kansas Jayhawks and the St. Louis Cardinals.