FAQ: Paid Media Campaigns

By November 30, 2016General Clix-Bits | Videos


FAQ: Paid Media

Jared: A question we get asked a lot is should I run my own paid media campaigns. Do you have a strategy in mind? Do you have the experience? Do you have the time or the money to learn on the job?

We here at Clix have people explicitly set aside for the reason of managing paid media campaigns. They have multiple years of experience, they definitely have the time and they have the know-how to set up a very tight well-run kind of well-oiled machine.

Basically when you sign up with somebody like Google or Facebook to spend money on advertising it’s their job to make sure that you spend money on advertising.

Bringing in a partner like Clix, it’s our job to make sure your money is being spent in the best possible ways and we’re doing everything we can to maximize that budget for you.

So in conclusion, should I run my own paid media campaign? I would advise you not to and I don’t think Clix would ever advise an individual to run their own paid media campaign.