Why Do We Use Targeted Keywords?

By March 4, 2016Definitions | Videos


Why Do We Use Targeted Keywords?

Robert: The reason we target keywords is to give a campaign focus based on intent. So, for example, if you own a donut shop, you may think you want to be found for donuts, but chances are you don’t because if you search for donuts then you’re going to be getting a Wikipedia article on donuts, The National Donut Foundation, Dunkin Donuts, which may or may not be your competitor¬†depending on where you are, etc.

So, what we do is try to focus on your business. So, for example, if your main revenue comes from delivery donuts we would target a keyword such as “Donut Delivery in St. Louis” .

We use targeted keywords in order to give direction to all of our campaigns. That’s going to affect how we optimize your website as far as the homepage, targeted pages, how we treat the content on the site… It basically determines how we go in the campaign.